Archbishop O’Brien issues special message

CR photo/Owen Sweeney III

The leader of the Premier See has a Thanksgiving Day message for his flock:

With gratitude to our Heavenly Father, we give thanks this day for the many blessings He bestows on us, among them:
The blessing of family: inspired of the Holy Family of Jesus, we embrace the sacred institute of marriage and the blessings of children, which God grants to husbands and wives as a symbol of their love and disciples to carry the Good News of His love to all nations;
The blessing of love: in the example of Jesus, we show charity to our neighbor, friend and stranger alike, with special attention to those who are marginalized and who suffer due to poverty, hunger, violence or drugs.  To these, ours is the face of Jesus. May we always reflect His love and charity; and
The blessing of faith: it is the underpinning of all we are and all we do.  Unwavering in our faith in God, the Church —through its priests and dedicate laity–share this gift through the work of its parishes, schools and charitable institutions.
On this Thanksgiving Day and throughout the year, may we be mindful of our many blessings from God, and seek others with whom to share them.

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