‘God Squad’ is no more

A Wisconsin newspaper is reporting that the “God Squad” is no more:

The Reporter Photo by Patrick Flood

Father Luke Strand has sold his black Volkswagen Beetle that landed him in hot water last year. Instead, he’s driving a GMC Terrain and moving on with his spiritual life.

“It drives so much better in the snow,” Strand said.

He can still be easily spotted driving around town with a license plate that reads: “GODLVYA.”

The associate pastor of Holy Family Catholic Parish got an unexpected letter in August from the electronics company Best Buy requesting that he “cease and desist” his God Squad logo, due to copyright infringement.

Since 2008, when Strand was then a deacon for the Milwaukee Archdiocese, his means of transportation was the VW bug, with a Roman collar painted on the hood and a “God Squad” logo on the side. The shape of the logo, font and colors were similar to Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” trademark.

Too similar, it seems.

“I was surprised by the initial letter, to say the least. But Best Buy was very cooperative, very good about it,” Strand said.

At first, he thought he’d just redo the logo and carry on with the “God Squad,” but he had a change of heart.

“The bug rode so low that I got stuck in the snow twice last year and ended up running to Sacred Heart Church for Mass. It was time for a change,” he said.

More here.


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